Missing data

Sensor worked… database writes failed.

The python job logging the data failed to restart.

Changed the systemd config for the script to:

Debian Jessie

Well that was fun or something.

Reinstalled the florida node because systemd required something in the kernel the openVZ installation did not provide.

Complete reinstalled  node and moved software again.. thank fully I had a good backup.

Moving day

Splitting services by moving some to the cloud resulting in shutdown of some services.

Not listing what was hardly used.. so no one will miss it.

Unplaned down time

We had a minor isssue with the web server.

Turns out debian jessy did not bring its interface up.
A quick install of stable and restore and we are online again.

Upgrade all the things

New kernels for all the things… thank you CVE alert.

All services were rebooted and mysql was push to 5.6 while I has at it.

Push services now have an interface… that only took like 2 years to get back sorry not mush user demand.